Play-off 1

Manuel 1-0 Kyan

Manuel was White in Game 1 and opened with 1 e4. Kyan replied with the Sicilian Defence.

After a cagey opening, Manuel made the first aggressive move with g4. After Manuel castled first, on the Q-side, Kyan for a while kept his powder dry. The game came alight the moment Kyan castled K-side. Manuel sacrificed his h-pawn for open lines. Kyan accepted and had the advantage, until recapturing on f6 with the g-pawn; the knight recapture would have kept his clear advantage. After that, Manuel carefully added to his attack until breaking through in the time-scramble.

A fine game, worthy of a play-off.

You can play through the game via this link:

Game 1

Game 2, in which Kyan will be White, is on Thursday 13 June.

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