Lawrance Cup retained

Lawrance Cup Final: Barnet E 3½-4½ W&W

After last season’s North Circular League and Cup double, there was no repeat on the cards, Barnet having already secured the League Championship. However, the Cup was up for grabs and our opponents in the Final on 8 May were indeed the new League Champions, Barnet Elizabethans at their venue. The usual format for the Cup was two Rapid games at G20+10 against the same opponent.

As often happens, this was a match of two halves, reflecting another thrilling encounter playing out in the adjoining tv room, where Ajax-Spurs was at full blast! Wanstead took a near-maximum advantage in the first leg, allowing the opposition a paltry ½ point to lead 3½-½.

In a very nervy second leg, the results were almost a complete reversal of the first round. Artur was swindled, Pawel kept his cool, Manuel got an inferior game, but held on pending the outcome of David’s game. When David forced a repetition, Manuel resigned. David’s draw avoided the reversal of fortunes that happened on every other board, save Pawel and won the match and the Cup; had David lost, a replay would have been necessary.

Report based on notes by Mark Murrell.

Links: Match stats (rapid) | Match tables (rapid)

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