4NCL Online Season 3

Having finished just outside the promotion spots in Division 6 in Season 2, the Redbridge All Sorts 1 team did not expect promotion in 4NCL Online Season 3. But a huge influx of new teams brought about a new Division 7, meaning the old lowest Division (D6 last season) now becomes a regular Division with a number of eight team all-play-all groups, as with the Divisions above; it would appear that an additional promotion from Division 6 was required to even the numbers.

With additional players from local clubs not offering online activity, two more Redbridge All Sorts teams have been added, both going into the new Division 7, and RA2 remaining in Division 6, which as described is now a series of eight team groups, all-play-all.

RA1 had a comfortable 4-0 win in their opening fixture in D5 Group C and go straight to the top of the group (no other team in the group managed 4-0).

RA2 had a disappointing reverse, against the ratings, losing 1½-2½, while RA3 won 3-1.

RA4 drew the short straw, the lot of being in the lower half of the draw in a team Swiss; all new teams start in the bottom Division, regardless of strength. RA4 found themselves facing the strongest opposition of all four RAS teams and lost ½-3½, Nigel White having scored the white-wash saving draw.

All the games are here, on the separate team pages, under the relevant match report, via these links:

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