We’re back again

With HM Government’s roadmap out of lockdown moving to Step 3 from 17 May, the Club once again resumed over-the-two-board chess on 18 May.

Club Tournament Secretary, Mark Murrell, having before the Club meeting presided over a Junior coaching session with 26 attendees, was delighted with the response: “24 adults and 26 juniors (their highest this term) in action today. That makes 50 engaging in real chess today.”

The Club members participated in Round 1 of a 5-Round “2×64” tournament, in two sections – Major and Minor. “2×64” is Mark’s terminology for two-boarded chess with Covid-19 precautions, where the players in each game have a board and set each to enable social distancing – face coverings and 1 metre apart – the players copying onto their own board the opponent’s moves as observed on the other board, but with a shared clock, all as depicted in our featured image.

Links: 2×64 Tournament | Major | Minor


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