Normal service resumed

Tournament Secretary, Mark Murrell, reports

Rule of 6 Rapids

It did not take long for Chairman Ian to shed the cobwebs with a convincing full house victory in the top section of the Rule of Six G10+5 Rapid round robin that included rare (these days) tournament appearances from Paul Barclay and myself. Once reallocations were made following a couple of late withdrawals and revised pairing and results sheet created, all-play-alls run themselves.

Rule of 6 Rapid A

Section B, another six, was a battle royal and close all night. After three rounds it was looking like Mike Buckingham would add to his 2×64 success but was stopped in his tracks by Ivan “Hutch” Hutcheson in round 4. Hutch also saw off Senan in the Final round to come from behind to win the group by a mere half point.

Rule of 6 Rapid B

Group C had to be reduced to a 4 and played as a double round with the concilation of an extra game. All got on the scoreboard with Laurence Duffy edging out new member James Soar-Burdett.

Rule of 6 Rapid C

Playing conditions were particularly spacious, coping with ease with the trial return of single board chess, which all participants were comfortable to engage with. Rated rapid chess returns in a fortnight with two triple bills of 20 +10.

Club Championship 2020-21

In the meantime, this Tuesday sees the start of our 2020-21 Club Championship. The Club will meet in the Hall behind Wanstead House on each of the five Championship nights scheduled over the summer. Look out for my next post for full details supplementing your previous e-mail invitation. For round 1, Rule of Six, social distancing and the Track & Trace Attendance Form all apply.

Club Championship 2020-21

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