AGM 7 June 2022 and other news

At the club’s recent Annual General Meeting the members decided to:

  • adopt a restructured Constitution, updated to incorporate virtual meetings and regulatory requirements: Constitution and By-Laws;
  • repeat and extend this year’s programme of activities (jncluding the 2022 summer programme) adding, subject to captains being found, additional teams in the Essex and Central London leagues as well as the restoration of teams in the North Circular League (should it be resurrected) and such other internal events at the discretion of the Tournament Secretary;
  • in anticipation of rising accommodation costs and to return to operating with a small surplus, set board fees as from 1 September 2022 at £5 and £2 for junior membership (outside of the Junior Chess Coaching Club), with no increase in the annual subscription;
  • re-elect all of the retiring committee members;
  • invite the incoming committee to create the role of website administrator(s) appointed as required to support the Webmaster and provide continuity security.

The latest version of the summer programme is attached.

After a record breaking 15-board thriller in the Finchley Cup semi-final at Enfield last week, Wanstead and Barking teams have both reached the Lawrance and Finchley Cup Finals which will be played in Barking on 21 July. Just 4 boards in each at the moment, but you never know…

In other news, the London League Committee is recommending to its AGM in July that it resumes with teams and clubs in the Divisions they were in (give or take) in the 2019-20 season. There will be two central venues – Mind Sports Centre in the West and St. Margaret’s House, Bethnal Green in the East. Our home matches will be in Bethnal Green but away matches can be at the venues of other clubs and the Mind Sports Centre. Boards may return to 10 rather than 8 for Divisions 1 to 3. Whether or not we can support teams in Divisions 2 and 3 as we did before is to be seen.

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