Blitz Championship – 7 January 2020

The first Tuesday Club Night of the year is Tuesday 7 January 2020 and our “first of the month” all-Club activity on that date is the Club Blitz Championship, for the John Wagstaff Trophy. Members have been circulated inviting entries.

Main features:

  • 7 rounds, swiss pairing;
  • the entry fee is £1 together with the usual board fee £3/£1 – a total of £4 for adults and £2 for juniors;
  • all entry fees will be returned as prizes;
  • current published rapid grades will be used, or a recent published rapid grade, or a current published standard grade, or our best estimated grade; whichever is most appropriate.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Club Blitz Championship is NOT part of the Handicap Blitz Grand Prix, but is a standalone event. The main differences are i) for the Blitz Championship there is NO time handicap, both players will have the same time for every game, i.e. 8 minutes per player per game; ii) the “touched piece” rule applies which is quoted in the extract from the FIDE Laws of Chess linked below.

Please register your intention to play, as soon as possible, either by replying to the circular email or via the link below. If your rapid grade is U100, please indicate whether you would like to play in the U100 section (if run), or the Open section. If you state a preference to play in the U100 section, but it does not prove possible to run the U100 section, you will be notified.

Play starts at 7.30 pm, but please be there by 7.15 pm in order to confirm your entry and pay your entry fee and board fee.

We need to populate the pairing software with the entered players in advance of the event – saves time ‘on the night’. If you are not sure of your availability that evening, but would like to play if you can, please indicate a provisional entry; it is quicker to take a player out of the list than to add one. If you subsequently find you cannot play, just email to withdraw your entry.

The Tournament pages are now online, showing entries received to date. Find the links in the No Template menu (right sidebar) or the main Actvities menu. We are showing both sections and on each there is a dropdown menu enabling you to switch between the two  sections.

Links: Enter me! | Extract of Laws of Chess | Planner

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