Rule of 6 OTB Tournaments – 15 Sep

Our third Covid-19 Club Night, and our first competitive activity, is set for 15 Sep with the start of a series of Rule of 6 OTB Tournaments. These will be 6-player Rapid tournaments – 5 rounds, at 10m + 5s per mover for each player (G10+5) – each being a self-contained group/bubble/zone as allowed by the new law of HM Government. Two groups are formed already.

If you would like to get involved, DON’T DELAY, head straight to the Attendance Form and reserve your place. Indicate in the information box provided that you wish to enter Rule of 6 tournament.

The pairings and results will be broadcast live while in play – start 7.30 pm + admin time – and can be followed via the Tournament Pages. Go to Rule of 6 OTB Tournaments to follow events on Tuesday evening – also available from the Activities menu, sub menu, New Club Nights.

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