Activities round-up – 22 September


Our fourth socially-distanced Club night – the second “Rule of 6” meeting – was marked by two Rule of 6 Handicap Blitz sections (not part of a Grand Prix). These bore three distinct differences by comparison with our Handicap Blitz Grand Prix events, although using the same rules: i) six player all-play-all sections instead of a Swiss; ii) each pairing played two games; iii) scoring was 2 points for a win 1 for a draw, so four points available at each two-game pairing. The two sections were Rule of 6 Zones – play within each zone only, no intermingling between zones, social distancing with face coverings strictly observed.

In Zone A, Terry Whitton won with 13/16 (held to 2-2 by John Jestico and 3-1 by David Smith); =2nd David Smith and Paul Read, 8 …

Zone B was won by Philip Staniland, 14/16; 2 Michael Buckingham, 10 …

Details: R06 Handicap Blitz


The first matches in a new venture, so far as Club members are concerned, were played this evening in 4NCL Online, where teams are four boards, playing on the platform. Here, teamraising has been widened beyond the Club and two teams are playing under the guise of Redbridge All Sorts (“RA1” and “RA2”). These teams joined 4NCL Season 2 in Division 6 (where new teams must start) at Round 3, so have no illusions about catching teams who have a two rounds start.

RA1 played Plymouth 2, but the anticipated 4-0 was limited to 2½-1 (sic). Unfortunately, one board was conceded by default due to a failure to issue a challenge; in this competition a default, apart from being scored as a loss, also attracts an additional half point penalty, hence 2½-1, instead of 3-1.

RA2 played a team going under the name War and Peace 2. Here, RA2 won by 3½-½.

Games below.

Allowing for other teams having a two-round start, RA1 and RA2 can be found in places 55 and 56 in the table linked below. An RA Junior team is in the offing from Round 4.

Links: 4NCL Online, Div 6, Round 3 | Div 6 table

RA1 v Plymouth 2

War & Peace 2 v RA2

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