Play-off schedule

The tournament for the Online Club Championship finished in a thrilling three-way tie between Kyan Bui, Ashley Freeman and Istvan Karacsony, who all finished on 4/5, necessitating a play-off. The schedule for the play-off games has been agreed and is published below.

You can watch each game live at the appointed time via the Live hyperlink below:

7:30 pm, Tue 02 Mar – Bui v Karacsony Watch Live
7:30 pm, Tue 09 Mar – Karacsony v Freeman Watch Live
7:30 pm, Tue 16 Mar – Freeman v Bui Watch Live
2:00 pm, Sat 20 Mar – Karacsony v Bui Watch Live
7:30 pm, Thu 15 Mar – Freeman v Karacsony Watch Live
7:30 pm, Tue 30 Mar – Bui v Freeman Watch Live

Results will be added to the existing Club Championship scores and will be found in our Championship page in our ECF LMS site under Standings (top three lines of the cross-table). The Playing Schedule can also be found under “Rounds”. Click on the Round number to see the pairing for the particular date. Click on one of the TV icons in the pairing card to watch the game live at the appointed time.

The play-off games will be added to all the games from the tournament, in the Club Championship page (link below), so will be preserved in one place.

Links to the LMS pages: Standings | Schedule

Link to: Club Championship page

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