Kyan levels the scores to share the Championship

Needing a win to share the Online Club Championship Kyan went for the jugular with the Fried Liver Attack. The early skirmishes netted him a pawn, which he nursed to a decisive advantage with an eventual 3-1 Q-side pawn majority. While Kyan forced his c-pawn to the 7th rank, the game was decided by his consequent threat to win material, in defence of which Ashley’s king became fatally exposed until, faced with mate next move in the centre of the board (48 …Qd4 49 Qe6#) Ashley struck his flag. You can find the final game (and all the others) in the Online Championship page – from the main menu or the link below.

Commiserations to Istvan, whose achievement in reaching the play-off paled before these two gladiators. Congratulations to Ashley and Kyan on sharing the Online Championship and for their combative play throughout the tournament and play-off.

Link: Online Club Championship

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  1. Don’t you just hate people who resign one move before checkmate! 😄
    Well played Kyan & hard luck István. Thank you to everyone who took part for making it a very enjoyable tournament – and special thanks, as always, to Mark for organising. I hope it won’t be too long before I can play some of you over-the-board. Wanstead & Woodford is a great club and I’m very proud to be a part of it ✨

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