New guidance from Wanstead House

Help prevent the spread

Wanstead House has issued updated guidance to its groups for the summer under Step 4 – link below. This applies from Tuesday 20 July to the common parts of the House and Hall that are used by everyone. Compliance is a condition of our hire and continued use of the House.

This includes:

  • sanitise hands on entry and exit;
  • wearing a face covering moving through the House and the foyer of the Hall and in the toilets;
  • wearing a face covering entering the office;
  • wearing a face covering at the bar and staying behind the protective screen;
  • maintaining social distancing of at least 1m during all the above;
  • don’t forget no passing on the stairs and first floor corridor – give way instead;
  • putting sensitivities of others ahead of personal convenience.

Room capacity limits continue, so we still need the Attendance Form to be completed.

The Tournament Secretary has announced that the playing conditions in the Hall adopted for the first round of the Club Championship will continue for the remainder of the competition: July 20 and 27, August 17 and 31, also in the Hall.

The Covid-19 sub-committee meets shortly to determine the playing conditions for the first floor Club Room(s) and for the conduct of our AGM:

  • 3 Aug – Lightning Championship (every 10 secs);
  • 10 Aug – Blitz Championship (G5+3);
  • 21 Aug (Saturday) – Rapid Championship (G20+10);
  • 24 Aug – Annual General Meeting.

There will be a review ahead of the September new season.

Link: WH Summer Guidance 2021 – Help prevent the spread

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