Championship fireworks

The third round of the Club Championship featured an audacious rook sacrifice by Tournament Controller, Mark Murrell, against Ashley Freeman. While cold analysis showed the sacrifice to be unsound, it unsettled Ashley to the extent that he failed to play the best response and Mark secured a winning advantage, subsequently denying Ashley any vestige of counterplay. Ashley was impressed by Mark’s play to the extent of providing in-depth annotations which we are happy to publish – find the game on the Club Championship page, link below or in the main menu above.

Since there were only three players on 2/2 at the start of the round – Mark, Ashley and John Cawdrey, the latter having taken a half point bye – Mark’s win places him in the sole lead on 3/3 with two rounds to go. The chasing pack of four players on 2½/3 comprises: Cawdrey, Whitton, Hunnable and Emmet Clarke who pulled a surprise by defeating Philip Staniland.

The entry of 33 includes a dozen new members who we welcome with open arms; justification of the Committee’s efforts to keep the Club open and active, whether online in lockdown, or socially distanced OTB.

Link: Club Championship 2020-21 | Vega Pairings and Results

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