Handicap Grand Prix 2021-22

Announcing the Handicap Grand Prix for 2021-22

New members are in for another culture shock: the Handicap Blitz Grand Prix (“HBGP”). This is a five-event series, the points scored in each event aggregating for a season Grand Prix.

Culture shock? you’ve heard of chess-boxing, well this is chess-arithmetic. Players are placed in rating groups according to their published rapid ratings (or Controller’s estimate). These rating groups are numbered zero (highest) to 6 (lowest). In each game, the difference between the players’ rating groups in minutes is deducted from the higher-rated player’s clock and added to the lower rated player’s time. The core time for each game is 8 minutes. So not only do you have to find your pairing for each round, you have to work out the rating group difference, do the arithmetic to arrive at the time for yourself and your opponent, then find the clock which shows these figures; then you have to play the game!

Each event is stand-alone, so players can enter as many or as few events as they wish. Find more details via the links below.

The first of this season’s Grand Prix (HBGP1) will be this coming Tuesday, 5 October. Enter via the Attendance Form. Or select “SOCIAL” If you don’t want to enter the HBGP.

Links: Attendance Form | Handicap Blitz Grand Prix | HBGP 1

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