Club Championship • HBGP3

The Board 1 pairing in the fourth round of the Club Championship, Cawdery-Freeman, ended in a win for the defending Champion, who retains his lead on 4/4. There are, however, six players within one point of John Cawdery, waiting for the slightest slip. These include John Hodgson, 2118, the number two seed, a point adrift through having underestimated Michael Wilson in Round 1.

Competition is open all the way down: following the top seven, there are another 24 players covered by a point. But then we have only had four rounds. Round 5 on 8 February should sort out a few things!

Handicap Blitz Grand Prix 3, 1 February

Before that, on 1 February, we have event 3 in the Handicap Blitz Grand Prix. Enter through the Attendance Form, now available and required, whatever you want to do that evening.

Alternatively, play a game in the U1650 Ladder Competition if you are eligible, or chill out with Social games. All options are included in the Attendance Form, which is required for 1 February.

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