Rule of Six 13 Oct – LoM 15 Oct

OTB Club Night 13 Oct

The main event on the next socially-distanced Club night, 13 October, is a return to our first Ro6 engagement, one or more G10+5 ECF Rapid OTB rated tournament(s). Details on the Ro6 13 Oct page – Activities/OTB Club nights/Ro6 13 Oct – where those not in attendance can follow the pairings and results throughout the evening.

Members attending may alternatively play individual Club Challenge Rated Game(s) at either a Standard or Rapid rate, or just casual games, as they choose. As before, the Rule of Six applies, segregated groups of no more than six individuals, no mingling outside each group.

Ro6 Oct 13

Online teams

We have reorganised the reporting of the online teams (4NCL RA1 and RA2, LoM 1, 2 and 3) into separate pages on the Activities menu under the Online sub item (Activities/Online/…). Within each team page, the individual matches are reported in a “tabbed display”; just click on the tabs at the top of the display for the individual match reports. One advantage of the online matches is that we have all the games for you to play through on screen. The Junior 4NCL team is reported on the Junior menu: Juniors/Juniors Online.

Next action is 15 Oct when all three League of Mayhem teams are in action, Wanstead Wanderers playing The Hackney Hungry, while Pawnstead and Wanstead tbc play each other.

LoM D1/1 | LoM D2/2 | LoM D2/3 | 4NCL RA1 | 4NCL RA2


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