This Summer at W&WCC

Our indefatigable Tournaments and Fixtures secretary, Mark Murrell, has pulled more irons from the fire and published his plans for this summer as we emerge from lockdown and contemplate the future of Step 4 – “freedom”. This plan has the full support of the Club’s Covid-19 Committee.

Of course, we don’t quite know how things are going to pan out and need to be flexible in outlook to take the rough with the smooth. We have already needed to adapt to the postponement of Step 4 for four weeks (or it may only be two). So download the document and digest its implications. You will particularly need to arrive at your personal response to the move from two boards to one board when Step 4 arrives. No-one will be forced to adopt one board again if they’re not happy with it; in each game, the wishes of the players will err on the side of caution, so if one player prefers to stick with two boards while the other would be happy with one, that game will use two boards.

With publication of the summer programme, entries are open for the 2020-21 Club Championship so there’s your first decision to make. You will see that there are plans to hold the Championship games in the more spacious surrounds of the hall at the rear of Wanstead House, which will help with social distancing we expect still to be in place.

You can download the document from the link below and fill up your diary.

Link: Summer at WWCC

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