Septuagenarian speed double

Like fine wine…

A week after securing the Lightning Championship, Terry Whitton added the Blitz Championship, on tie-break. Terry finished level on points with John Cawdery – in his first season with the Club – each scoring 6/7; congratulations to both. They met in Round 3 and Terry secured the point on a swindle (his own words). While John won all his other games, he required a slip-up from Terry to wrest the trophy. In Round 4, Terry allowed a draw against Philip, but won his next two, finally allowing a second draw in the last round against Mark, knowing that he would win on tie-break. So hearty congratulations to Terry on a rare speed double: Lightning and Blitz.

There was a further tie for 3rd place between Mark Murrell and Paul Barclay on 4½.

=1 Terry Whitton – Blitz Champion, John Cawdery, 6/7;
Tie-break – Sum of Progressive Scores: Terry 25½, John 23.

=3 Mark Murrell, Paul Barclay, 4½/7;

22 entries

For your diary: The third “speed” event, the six-round Rapid Championship, at the more sedate pace of G20+10, will now be split over two evenings, 21 (R1-3) and 28 September 2021 (R4-6). This is after the start of the new season (7 September) but will be the 2020-21 Rapid Championship.

Link: Blitz Championship | Vega Tournament pages | Summer 2021 OTB

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