Arrangements for Over the Board Club Chess at Wanstead House, from Tuesday 18 May

Entries close at 1 pm on Tuesday 18 May for the 2×64 Championships (G80+10) which run until 15 June in the form of a Major (open) and a Minor (u1600) Championship. Both are a 5 round Swiss (with a slight twist) and ECF OTB Standard rated. Twenty members have so far signed up. Details here.

1 pm on Tuesday is also the deadline for the tournament entrants to request a first round ½ point bye.

For each week of Stage 3 the list of attendees will be published on the website under the 2×64 Championship dropdown, available from the top of the page banner index. For this week only look for “Entries” but for subsequent weeks look for “Ro6 Groups”. It is here that all attendees (including social) will find their allocated group, see who else is in it and where your segregated playing area will be. The full group allocation information will be finalised at 5 pm each Tuesday.

Whilst at Wanstead House, you must not mingle with anyone outside of your allocated group anywhere in the House for any purpose. Whilst at the Club you must not enter any other playing area.

The 2×64 dropdown index will also list the Vega Tournament Pages for both the Major and Minor competitions. The “Origin” column on these pages will also show your designated Rule of Six Group. These pages will be updated at 5 pm each Tuesday with the pairings for that evening. Should your game finish early you can play social chess in your allocated playing area with anyone in your group but no-one else.

For every attendance, you must complete in advance the track & trace attendance form. If “ok” is shown in the Fed column against your name in the “Ro6 Groups” listing, your place is secured and you will be paired. If not, complete the form please! The form is available from the website next to “Home” on the top of the page index banner. For those with smart phones, on arrival at the house you should also do a venue check in the porch via the App. Please also read this Update to Wanstead House protocols. Refreshment orders should be placed on the night with the Controller or Steward when requested.

Socially distant two-boarded chess will be in operation during Stage 3 with adjustments for those in need of assistance to facilitate play. Face coverings must be worn at all times.

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